The National Economists Club would like to thank our sponsors for making possible our 2015 annual sponsors.  We would like to thank our Diamond Level sponsors Cornerstone Macro and The Observatory Group as well as our Diamond Level sponsor - Econometrica.  Thanks so much for the support!





2016 NEC Board & Officers

2016 NEC Board & Officers




  Tom Oakley, Self Employed

Vice Presidents

  Programs “ Peter Davis, Davis Capital Investment Ideas and Brian Preslopsky, Econometrica, Inc.  
  Membership - Tom Trexler, Veritas Technology, Inc.

Rapporteurs - Nasir Khilji, U.S. Dept of the Treasury

Special Programs - Charles Baschnagel, Booz | Allen | Hamilton

Operations - OPEN

Communications - Holly Wade, National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)

Secretary - Corinne Tomasi, The Group of Thirty

  Treasurer - Greg Tenentes, Bureau of Economic Analysis  

Appointed Positions


(The following positions are appointed by the Chairman of the Board and not elected by the membership)

Events Coordinator - Ann Dunbar, U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis - Retired


Venue/Restaurant Committee - OPEN

  Investment Committee -
David Pritchett
Chad Moutray, National Association of Manufacturers
Scott Evans, Discovery Capital
Ed Kean, The Observatory Group

Board of Governors


Michael Chow, National Federation of Independent Business, Chairman

Jaime Narbon, Bureau of Labor Statistics Ex-Officio (1)

Bryan Roberts, Institute for Defense Analyses Ex Officio (2)

Robert F. Graboyes, Mercatus Center, GMU Ex-Officio (3)

David Pritchett, (2014) - Pritchett Associates, Inc.

Yoko Shinagawa (2014) - Self Employed

Susan Doolittle (2014) - Former NABE Executive Director, Retired

Henry Mooney (2015) - International Monetary Fund

Beat Soltermann (2015) - Swiss Radio SRF

Valerie Rouxel-Laxton (2015) - European Union Delegation in the U.S.

Ruth Wittwer (2016) - Freelancer

David Molinari (2016) - U.S. Dept of the Army


Oliver Grant (2016) - U.S. Dept of the Army

Business Manager

  Ann G. Edmonds